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More Updates!!!
Sometimes you just need help
New Article: The Tailoring of the Pourpoint of King Chaarles VI Revealed by Tasha D. Kelly
Knitted hose, who knows....
My Weekend as a 15th century cripple


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More Updates!!!

In the process of adding more content to the website after a few months hiatus to take on other responsibilities in my regional SCA group.

I am excited to add a couple of new resources:

  • Translation of an article from Archelogica Historica on the Prague Houppelande
  • link to an article: Oliver de la Marche and the Urban Culture in Late Medieval Brussels by Alastair Millar
  • Additional translated content from the Philip the Good dissertation: The furriers

Coming soon:
  • translation of texts on women's clothing from Philip the Good dissertation  

Sometimes you just need help

Life has been pretty crazy of late. I was promoted in to a new role that is much busier than my previous role, and my personal life has also become a bit more complex of late. Due to this, my ability to allocate time to working through translations from the Philip the Good clothing project has shrunk significantly. I don't want the project to completely halt, so I tested using the  service that was recommended to me to employ qualified freelance translators. I tried using auto-translation tools; however, there is far too much detail and nuance to make them a viable resource.

New Article: The Tailoring of the Pourpoint of King Chaarles VI Revealed by Tasha D. Kelly

Hey everyone,

It's been almost two months since I've added new content to the site. I have been crazy busy both in the SCA running the reign of the current King and Queen as well as outside the SCA buying a new house, moving, starting a new job and vacation. I promise I won't be gone this long again.

I have added an awesome to new article by Tasha D. Kelly to the articles section of the website: The Tailoring of the Pourpoint of King Charles VI Revealed. While this garment is late 14th century, it provides incredibly valuable insight in to the construction and tailoring of garments from the 15th century as well.

Knitted hose, who knows....

No topic will polarize historical knitting enthusiasts quite like the topic of knitted hose pre-16th century. The vast majority of the people I have talked to in my past twenty-odd years in the SCA adamantly insist that knitted hose do not exist before the mid 16th century. After all, there are extant examples and various wardrobe accounts, including Elizabeth I's own inventory records and Eleanor of Toledo's extant stockings, that support this theory. There is little evidence that supports knitted hose preexisting this period, therefor hard lines are drawn.

My Weekend as a 15th century cripple

Major surgery of any kind requires a good bit of adjustment in your day-to-day life. It is especially complicated when you are involved in any form of reenactment where you not only have to consider how your modern life is impacted, but you then have to consider how it impacts your "medieval" life.

I had major surgery on my left foot two weeks ago, and it never occurred to me to consider how I would accommodate this in my 15th century life.  The obvious answer would be to "take some time off to heal;" however, as a co-chancellor for the current King and Queen of An Tir in the SCA (think Sr.

Clothing Galleries

Historically I have not been much of a clothing process blogger; however, I am looking to change that in the future. I do however have a bunch of clothing galleries that you can peruse HERE

The Brazen Burgundian is a Thing!

I decided that I wanted to completely overhaul  my personal website and turn it in to a resource for those, who like me, love to research 15th century Burgundy ...and by extension France. I am partnering with some great people to assist in translations and as well as compiling all the information I have on tutorials, research, articles, links, etc. I hope that it is well received.

Late 14th/ Early 15th Century outfit based on the Armorial of Guillaume de Revel

One of my current projects is creating this late 14th/early 15th century outfit based on the Armorial of Guillaume de Revel. You can learn more about it HERE